jorge galvez


Jorge Galvez is a regulatory and case evaluation expert. Galvez had practiced law or supervised regulatory matters for financial institutions for the past 25 years. He is currently the Compliance Officer for Tosh, Inc., overseeing regulatory compliance for lending operations in approximately 15 states. He serves as a company liaison with the company's legal counsel. Galvez also serves in various capacities as a volunteer for several nonprofit and humanitarian organizations.


Galvez received a bachelor’s degree in classics and the humanities with another bachelor’s degree in political science and philosophy. He subsequently pursued graduate studies or earned graduate degrees in philosophy, business administration, and law and jurisprudence. Galvez’s experience includes former courtroom trial work, personal injury litigation, insurance negotiation and settlement, written advocacy, regulatory review, and compliance, etc.

Galvez is a first-generation immigrant into the United States. He is bilingual and bicultural with academic interests in languages, epistemology, comparative religion, cultural anthropology, law, politics, and business development.