Lawsuit Cases We Fund

We provide pre-settlement funding for many legal cases, including personal injury, car accidents, worker's compensation, negligence, wrongful death, medical malpractice, and other harm from which a financial recovery is possible. Though every case is unique, many cases may fall under the category of a personal injury case.

Personal Injury

Waiting for settlement money after getting injured? Stop waiting and get funds for the treatment you need to get better.

Car Accident

Waiting for essential finances after a car accident? Stop waiting and get funding for car repairs and personal injuries.

Worker's Compensation

Waiting for worker's compensation from the worker's compensation fund? Stop waiting and get money to replace essential wages.


Waiting for settlement money after getting injured due to someone else's negligence? Stop waiting and get the settlement money owed now.

Wrongful Death

Waiting for a settlement after someone's wrongful death? Stop waiting and get the reparations owed sooner.

Medical Malpractice

Waiting for financial help after personal harm due to a health professional's actions or inactions? Stop waiting and get funding for medical expenses, and other damages.

Get Lawsuit Funding

A pre-settlement advance on a pending lawsuit can get you the money you need to pay expenses like vehicle repairs or medical bills. Take out a lawsuit cash advance, and get a portion of the money from your case's settlement sooner rather than later.

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