Who We Are

Scryp is the product of two worlds coming together to create something great for customers in need. A group of problem solvers with backgrounds in advance funding and law came together to create a service to help clients amid settlement of court cases.

Scryp is based in Utah and led by founders familiar with advance funding and law, who saw a specific need being unmet. That is why they created Scryp to provide pre-settlement funding to clients who can't afford to wait through lengthy court cases for their settlement funds.

    Why We Do It

    Scryp aims to provide more curated funding routes for specific needs, like pre-settlement funds. That is why we provide access to pre-settlement funding and an opportunity to get more settlement money.

    Many clients settle early because they need to pay hospital bills, repair costs, etc. But the longer a client can wait for settlement funding, the more money they are likely to get when the court case is over. We help clients make essential payments now without having to settle for less by settling early.

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